The Journey Series

In 2014 we started the year by looking at some of the basics. What are the things we need to get to grips with if we are to really understand the life we are called to live. This is the Journey…

Crossing into 2014 – we’re starting a new series entitled “The Journey” which looks at some of the stages of the Christian life. We begin by thinking about the kind of difference God wants to make to our lives in the new year. The talk starts with a poem written and performed by one of our younger members.

Becoming a Christian – The first stage in our journey through the Christian life is deciding to become a Christian in the first place. For those who aren’t Christians Ian explains what that means and how do we do it. For those who are already Jesus followers, Ian asks us to revisit our salvation and check if we’ve forgotten the incredibly important principles that it is based on. This talk will ‘restore the joy of your salvation’!

Meeting Together – Our journey is always easier if we we’re not alone. This message recognises that we don’t always feel like meeting together, but shows us why it’s so important to spend time with other Christians. Don’t expect a guilt trip from this talk; expect inspiration and encouragement as you grasp key verses that show how much God understands our difficulties.

How do you look? – Our brains are conditioned to look at things a certain way. This photo looks quite different when it’s upside down. How does God want us to look at things?

Connecting with God through Prayer – At its heart, Christianity is about relationship with God. The next 3 parts of our Journey series look at how important it is to connect with God, beginning with something very practical ideas about prayer

Connecting with God through the Bible – The Bible is an astonishing book which can do so much to help us connect with God. This talk explains why God chose to put His word in written form, and practical ways for us to get closer to God through it.

Connecting with God through Worship – If you’ve been around church for a while then you’ll have got used to hearing the word ‘worship’. So how would you explain what it is and how do we do it? In this talk Ian reveals a profound truth about defining worship. It makes the whole subject so much easier to understand and more importantly, so much easier to do.

Baptised in water
Q1: What’s the first thing the Bible tells us about the adult life of Jesus?
A1: He got baptised.
Q2: What do Matthew and Mark record as the last instructions of Jesus?
A2: Go and make disciples and baptise them (Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:16).
Q3: How important is it to understand what baptism is about?
A3: If you don’t already know then listen and find out.

Learning to live in the Spirit – The Holy Spirit can be the difference between an ordinary life and an extraordinary one. If Jesus needed Him then how much more do we? Wherever you are on your journey Hillary helps you find your next step in learning to live in the Spirit.

Dealing with the past – We may be a product of our past but we’re not a prisoner. Ian shares God’s plan for dealing with our past and moving on to a healthier future.

Faith – You can’t read the Bible for long without realising that faith is a really important topic. Ian gets to the heart of the issues by looking at what faith is, how God responds to it and how our faith can grow.

Understanding Helping – Babies are wonderful, but lets be honest – they are born selfish. A baby doesn’t cry if it thinks someone else is hungry. As children mature we teach them about sharing, sympathy and helping. Listen to this talk to get God’s perspective on helping.

Attitude to Money - Jesus says that we can’t serve two masters; we can’t serve both God and money. Do you control your money or has money got a grip on you? Here’s some helpful advice on the right attitude to money.

The Point – We’ve spent the last 13 weeks talking about ‘The Journey’ through life. In this final part we hit the crux of the matter. What’s the point?