Stuff people face series

This series looks at stuff that people face. It’s not a pretty title but it reflects that life isn’t always pretty. There are issues that sooner or later we all face. It might be about us, our family or someone that we meet in our daily lives. Things like suffering, sickness, self esteem problems and relationship difficulties.

These are issues that everyone comes across and the Bible has some amazing things to say about how to deal with them. Check out the podcasts for help on ‘Stuff that People Face’.

Why does it hurt? 1 – No one has a problem free life and some of our deepest and most heartfelt questions come in a time of suffering. In the book of Job, God shows us that He doesn’t ignore the issue of our pain but is willing to meet us where it hurts. This talk introduces Job and gives valuable insights into what it teaches us.

Why does it hurt? 2 – Job’s friends had some really bad answers to the question “Why does it hurt?”. Job’s own answer wasn’t any better, but the fourth friend made a lot of sense. This talk looks at some of our ‘standard answers’ to the question and makes sense of what everyone was saying in the book of Job.

Why does it hurt? 3 – Now we look for the big answers. What is God’s response when we ask “Why does it hurt?”

Self esteem – How we think about ourselves affects so much about what we do and how we feel. We often come across people held back by low self esteem, or annoying others with an inflated opinion of themselves. Listen to this talk for practical advice on healthy self image.

Connection problems – All of us meet people, so all of us have relationships of some kind. There are lots of terrible effects of relationship problems but there are only five basic causes. This talk is a practical health check for relationships in your life with a focus on keeping them healthy.

Connection problems 2: Love Languages – Everyone has their own way of expressing love, but are we actually showing love if we’re not using a ‘language’ our partner understands? Learn about the 5 love languages and stop your relationships growing cold.

Self-Control – People with self-control tend to live longer, healthier lives. They have better relationships and more money in the bank. So what can we do to improve our self-control? If you want to see the video shown at the start of the talk here’s the Youtube link.

Dealing with confrontation – Very few people enjoy confrontation but we’re not going to get through life without having to deal with it sooner or later. The Bible has some fantastic advice about how to handle it.

Prejudice – Prejudice literally means to pre-judge something. To decide on your attitude before you have enough information. Listen to hear a challenging examination of the Christian ideal compared with current reality. If you want to play along with the opening games then here’s the pictures you need to look at…

Death – The end of our series on ‘Stuff that People Face’ is about the end of life. All of us will face death at some point. Maybe a tragedy we hear in the news, maybe someone we love, maybe our personal situation. There are things here that God really wants you to know. If you want to see the introductory video of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly click here.