Sharing Life Series

Sharing Life 1 – Something you ought to know – As Christians we’ve been entrusted with the best news that there is. News, so amazing, that it means the difference between life and death. Our new series aims to help us share that life-giving news with others. We begin by looking at some misunderstandings that have crept into the traditional understanding of evangelism.

Sharing Life 2 – Jargon – some practical thoughts about how we speak about our faith

Sharing life 3 – Journey – Ian explains a typical journey that someone may take in choosing to become a Christian. How can we help someone along a journey like that?

Sharing Life 4 – What did Paul do? – Paul the Apostle was good at sharing life with people. We might have an idea of how he went about it, but are we right? This surprising talk looks in detail at how Paul had one basic strategy but adapted it depending on who he was talking to.

Sharing Life 5 – Sharing Life with God – We’re never on our own when sharing our faith; we’re doing it together with God. Our series ends by reminding us about the spiritual dimension and showing us practical ways to go forward.