God’s Name Series

God’s Name part 1 – What do we really mean when we say words like God and Lord? This sermon begins a series on getting to know God better by understanding His name

God’s name: The Amazing Father – The key to our relationship with God is understanding that He is our Father. This refreshing talk draws lessons from the story of the prodigal son.

God’s Name part 2 – The Lord who sees and shapes. Sometimes our prayers are answered straight away with miraculous power. Sometimes they aren’t. This message gives some reasons for this by helping us to understand more about God’s name.

God’s Name part 3 – The Lord who makes us Holy – Due to a technical glitch this message wasn’t recorded. A summary of the teaching is available in the blog.

God’s Name part 4 – The Lord our healer - God’s nature is to restore things that need mending. This message looks at the astonishing breadth of healing that God has for each one of us.

God’s Name part 5 – The Lord of Hosts. What was David thinking as he faced Goliath? Why did he take a staff as well as his sling? What does it mean to know the Lord of Hosts? Listen and find out.