Clear Vision

The vision of the church is expressed by three words “Connection, Transformation, Position” – but what does that mean?

Clear Vision – Over 2500 years ago God was explaining some principles of good leadership to Habakkuk. They’re just as relevant today so listen to see how we put them into practice.

Clear Vision 2:Connection – Everyone wants to connect more deeply with God. So why don’t we do it? Here’s a couple of leaflets we’ve written to help you – Spending Time With God, Daily Readings

Clear Vision 3:Transformation – God wants to help you to be the best you can be. What’s the practical response to that amazing thought?

Clear Vision 4: Position – Today we focus on the position part of our ‘connection, transformation, position’ vision. What is God calling you to?

Clear Vision 5: Position of Priests – What is a priest? It might not be something you’ve thought about, but the implications of the answer are astounding!