Apocalypse Now series

The book of Revelation is one of the most intersting yet hardest to understand. there are many interpreatations but this series focuses on what it means to us now

Apocalypse Now 1 – Uncovering Discover the central meaning of the apocalypse

Apocalypse Now 2 – Hearing: Learning how to hear what The Spirit was saying to the 7 churches and to us

Apocalypse Now 3 – Holding: God’s message to Christians under pressure

Apocalypse Now 4 – Due to a technical problem this talk wasn’t recorded. Here’s the original preaching notes.

Apocalypse 5 – Opening Where is the door in your life?

Apocalypse Now 6 – Chapters 4-5 Worship

Apocalypse Now 7 – Chapters 6-7 Be ready

Apocalypse Now 8 – Chapters 8-10 Warnings

Apocalypse Now 9 – Chapters 11-13 Choices in a time of shaking

Apocalypse Now 10 – Chapters 14-15 Wheat and weeds

Apocalypse Now 11 – Chapters 16-19 God is wild about you

Apocalypse Now 12 – Chapters 20-22 The end – or the beginning of something new?