Prayer Series

Practical help in connecting with God through prayer

Prayer 1 – Say Our Father – To everyone who’s ever thought “I should pray more than I do”. This series is for you

Prayer 2 – Your Kingdom come – Jesus told us to pray “Your kingdom come”. That’s got some pretty important implications!

Prayer 3 – Give us this day“You don’t have because you don’t ask..” James 4:2. How does God want us to go about asking Him for things?

Prayer 4 – Forgive us as we forgive – Unfortunately this talk wasn’t recorded due to a technical glitch. I’ve uploaded a copy of my notes to give you an idea of what we were talking about.

Prayer 5 – Getting Practical- We end this series by getting practical. What can you do to develop a good prayer life? There’s also a copy of the series handout here.