Position series

Position 1 – Destiny or Journey – We’re starting our new series on how to find the perfect place in God’s kingdom that each of us is called to. This week we consider whether to look at life from the point of view of finding our destiny or taking a journey.

Position 2 – …it helps to know where you are – It’s one year since Ian first visited the church. In this talk he looks at what’s been happening and the growth that we’ve seen.

Position 3 – Finding your SHAPE – It’s funny how we can be scared that God will ask us to do something that we’ll really hate. It’s actually really rare for that to happen. In fact, God usually shapes and prepares us to get ready for an amazing destiny that we’ll love. By looking at the way we’ve been prepared we can get clues to the way forward.

Position 4 – the next step – We wrap up our ‘Position’ series with some practical points from Nehemiah chapter 3 and help you find your next step.