Kingdom Battles

We are part of God’s kingdom but we find ourselves living on the border of the kingdom of darkness and the Bible makes it clear that there is a battle raging. This series is all about winning kingdom battles.

Kingdom Battles 1 - There’s a verse in 2 Corinthians that says we’re aware of Satan’s schemes. Is that true for you? Listen if you want to understand more about realities of spiritual warfare.

Kingdom Battles 2 – The Armour of God. God’s made it available but it’s up to us to put it on. So what it is and how do we wear it?

Kingdom Battles 3 God doesn’t expect us to just sit back and take it when the enemy is on our case. Hear what He’s given us to fight spiritual attacks.

Kingdom Battles 4 – Fasting. What is fasting and why does God tell us it’s a good thing to do? There’s a set of notes to help with this topic here… Fasting Facts

Kingdom Battles 5 – Prayer. In the end our battles are won through prayer. This powerful message draws the series together and shows us how the battle is won