Communion Series

Communion Part 1 – Communion is the only ceremony that Jesus told us to take part in on a regular basis. That means it must be important. This message tells us what isn’t important about it, and reveals the first 3 reasons why we should share in communion.

Communion Part 2 – The next 3 reasons why we break bread together.

Communion Part 3 – What did Jesus in really mean in John chapter 6 when He said we must eat His flesh and drink His blood? What was the real reason that many were weak and sick in the Corinthian church? This message contains revelation about misunderstood passages and the 7th reason we break bread.

Communion Part 4 – Jesus said that “this cup is the New Covenant in my blood”. To understand about life, the universe and everything, you really need to grasp how God works through covenants, and this message will explain how. You can also click here to access notes relating to the whole series on communion.