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Being with Jesus 1 – The start of a new series, Ian brings us the introduction to Discipleship

Adoption 2 – What kind of son are we?

Adoption 1 – We are adopted into God’s family as co-heirs with Christ

Facing Fears 4 – Facing your Fear Ian helps us with strategies to face our fears!

Easter – No Fear Death is not the end

Facing Fears 2 – Fear of Failure Lies and truths about Fear

Facing Fears 1 – Fearful foundations Ian introduces a new series about facing our fears

Invitational Church 3 – Ian gives practical help in order to become an invitational church

Invitational Church 2 – What are our fears about becoming an invitational church?

Invitational Church 1 – Ian helps us identify what an invitational church is, and barriers to becoming one

Heart over Mind – Karen challenges us to look as God does, at the heart not the outward appearences

10 Days – Hillary introduces the 10 Day prayer initiative and talks about fasting and prayer

Run to the Roar 6 – TESTimony Growing in faith

Run to the Roar 5 – Together Together we are stronger

Run to the Roar 4 – Stepping out

Run to the Roar 3 - Prepared to stand your Ground

Run to the Roar 2 – Small things Get small things right and bigger things will come!

Run to the Roar 1 – Opportunity Ian introduces the theme, highlighting Benaiah.  Take the opportunity to Run to the Roar!

New Year – So What? Ian asks what we will be concentrating on, this New Year

Second Advent 4 – Impact Ian shows the impact that the First Advent had, and how we may expect a bigger impact with the Second Advent

Second Advent 3 – Present God made incarnate is with us here and now, and forever!

Second Advent 2 – Ready You’ve probably heard we should be ready but what does that mean in practice?

Second Advent 1 – Hope Ian introduces the new series drawing parallels between the first and second coming of Jesus

Jesus and his followers 3 – The Body of Christ Karen shows how we can be part of the body of Christ

I Am 7 – The Resurrection and the Life – Ian brings us the last of the I Am series on Remembrance Sunday

Jesus and his followers 2 – How does Jesus teach us? It’s pretty obvious how Jesus taught the disciples when he was on earth, but how do we expect to learn from Jesus now?

Jesus and his followers 1 – What does Jesus see in you? Ian shows us how Jesus sees us when he looks at us

God knows what we need – Sue shows us how God cares and will provide for us

Pray Like Jesus – Unity Ian shows us how to grow in Unity

Pray Like Jesus – Building Hold things lightly, hold God Tightly

Pray Like Jesus – Intercession Pray for covenant blessings on yourself and others

Pray like Jesus – Encouragement After despair comes encouragement

Pray like Jesus – Despair Ian shows us how to pray when times are tough

I Am 6 – I am the Way Ian shows us that Jesus is the Way

I am 5 – I am the True Vine Hillary encourages us to remain grafted to the vine

I Am 4 – Unfortunately due to a technical difficulty Peace’s sermon on I am the Light was unable to be uploaded.

I Am 3 – I am the Good Shepherd Sue tells us about the sheep where she works, and the role of the Good Shepherd

I Am 2 – I am the bread of life Karen teaches us about the sustaining love of Jesus

I Am 1 – I am the Door Ian kicks off the summer series talking about Jesus being the door

Be Still – Seamus invites us to breakfast with the Lord (Seamus starts and ends his talk with a song.  If you would like to skip straight to the talk, it starts at 6:25)

Jonah – Sue takes us behind the story of Jonah

Money Money Money part 2 – Anne asks us if our hearts are right?

Money Money Money Part 1 – Karen talks to us about Generosity

Jesus asks What do you want?

Our Mission 2 - Naomi encourages us on our journey

Our Mission 1 – Why are we here? – Naomi asks what our Mission is

Jesus Mission 2 – Calling, Ian encourages us to listen up, live up and step up!

Jesus Mission 1 – Why? At the start of a New year Ian starts a new series looking at Jesus’ Mission

Advent 4 – Bread of Life

Advent 3 – God With us

Due to adverse weather conditions Advent 2 was not recorded.

Advent 1 – Becoming Human Recognising we are made in the image of God

The Genealogy of Christ Part 2 - In Jesus’ family – the importance of five women

The Genealogy of Christ Part 1 Ian starts the first of a brand new series

The Great War – On Remembrance Sunday Ian tells us of the Great Was that we still have to face today

Legacy – What will you leave?

Changing Culture in your home – Anne encourages us to change the culture in our homes to reflect more of Jesus in our lives

Ray’s Story - Ray tells us about the day he died on the operating table

God wants you to ask - The focus is on God, Ian tells us the most important thing is connection with God.

Changing the Story 3 – The True Story The story God tells us

Changing the Story 2 – The Story I tell myself Ian shows us the stories that we tell our selves that hold us back

Changing the Story 1 – 6 big stories +1 Ian starts the first in a new series, talking about the stories people believe about themselves, and how to change them

Colourful Teaching 5 – Mistakes at the Mount Hillary shows us the mistakes made while Moses collected the Tablets of Stone from God

Colourful Teaching 4 – Burning Bush Karen explains about “Excuses – the thin skin of reason stuffed with a lie”

Colourful Teaching 3 – Elijah and Elisha Caroline tells us about Elijah and Elisha

Colourful Teaching 2 – Noah Ian shows the story of Noah is one of forgiveness, safety and faithfulness

Colourful Teaching 1 – Water into Wine Hillary tells us and the children that Jesus is in the business of doing miracles

Worship 3 – Worship Culture

Worship 2 - Worship Impact Alter your spiritual climate through worship

Worship 1 – Worthy Worship (Please note, due to a technical hitch the first ten minutes of this sermon were not recorded)

What do you see? – Anne Henderson asks us whether we see giants or God

Who do you say I am? – Karen challenges us to deny ourselves, pick up our crosses and follow Him

Bless – Hillary encourages us to actively bless one another

Sow to the Spirit -At Pentecost  Ian leads us through the choices we can make regarding the Holy Spirit

Time for Answers 5 – Aren’t all religions the same? Ian explains similarities and differences between other religions and Christianity

Time for Answers 4 – Why can God allow suffering? Ian tackles this problem and shows how God joins with our suffering

Time For Answers 3 – Why believe the Bible? – Ian shows us why we should believe the Bible

Time for Answers 2 – Does Science disprove God? Ian interviews Dr Raphael Hershi Phd

Time for Answers 1 – Does God Really Exist Ian talks about the existence of God

Time for Answers – Ian introduces a new series

Easter baptism – Ian tells us about Easter and baptism

God is NOT – Anne shows us what God is not ….

Light – Ian shows us how our mothers reflect the Light of God

Lord’s Prayer revisited -Sasha takes us through the Lord’s Prayer in a refreshing way

To Boldly Go – Karen asks us to follow the example of Caleb’s daughter in being bold

The True Temple – Building the Temple In this, the last of the series, Ian shows us how we can build the true temple in ourselves

The True Temple – The Second Temple Do the God thing First

The True Temple – The Tent of Meeting – Ian explains the significance of the Tabernacle and its relevance to ourselves

Forgive and forget – Forgiving someone can be the hardest thing to do. So why does God tell us it’s so important?

21 days of prayer – Harvest What is your food?

21 days of prayer – coco Community and cooperation

21 days of prayer – Church Ian shows us what Church should be like

21 days of prayer - Joining with the churches in the City to pray for the City and Nation

Vision 2017 – Ian shows the vision for 2017, living the dream

Giants – Phil and Rachel Bowyer tell us about overcoming giants and becoming Game Changers

Seasons Greetings – Ian tells us about the importance of seasons in the Bible

Everyone’s a leader 5 – The last in the series about Leadership

Everyone’s a leader 4 – Ian encourages us to have the Caleb Spirit

Everyone’s a leader 3 – Due to a technical issue this talk is not available on podcast

Everyone’s a leader 2 – Be a leader in your family

Everyone’s a leader 1 – Ian challenges about leadership

Facing Jericho – Ian reassures us throughout that God has a plan

Our Mission 2 – Ian outlines our mission for the future

Our Mission 1 – Ian talks about vision, mission and connection

Previous Series

Apocalypse Now Series – The book of Revelation made especially relevant to life today

Prayer Series – Practical help in connecting with God through prayer

Kingdom – Jesus spoke more about the kingdom than anything else. Here’s some fundamental teaching on what that means.

Clear Vision Series – explaining the vision of the church and how we put it into practice

Stuff that people face Series – It’s not a pretty title but it reflects that life isn’t always pretty. Find help and answers on the issues that, sooner or later, we all face

The Journey Series – What are the things we need to get to grips with if we are to really understand the life we are called to live. This is the Journey…

Sharing life Series – A fresh look at how we can talk to others about our faith.

Position Series – God has an amazing plan for everyone’s life, but we still have a choice about whether to follow it. This series helps you understand the calling that God has for you.

Work Series – Work is one of the biggest issues in life! Whether paid, voluntary or caring for others we spend a lot of time working. What is God’s attitude to work and what do we do when things go wrong?

God the Holy Spirit Series – Find out who the Holy Spirit is and the impact that knowing Him has on your life.

God the Son Series – An overview of what Jesus has done for us and how He builds His church

Communion Series – One of the most basic, yet misunderstood, aspects of church. Find out 8 reasons why we break bread together

God’s Name Series – forge a deeper connection with God by learning how He describes Himself through His Name