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Week of prayer and reflection 2017

// January 1st, 2017 // Comments Off // Ian's blogs, News, Sean's blogs

At the start of this new year most of us will look back at the ups and downs of 2016 and also think ahead to 2017. This week we’re encouraging you to use a set of reflections to help you connect with God. Each day has some a short Bible reading and some questions to help you start praying. On Sunday 8th January we’re inviting everyone to come to church and share their experiences os this week of reflection. Hope to see you there!

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Advent 2016

// November 26th, 2016 // Comments Off // Events, Ian's blogs, News, Sean's blogs

I know that we’re still in November, but Christmas is just around the corner. The shops are full of seasonal goods and the advertisers are doing their best to tell us where to spend our money.
But this December you can do soemething different. Take a couple of minutes out of each day to find peace and connect with God. We’ve put together 25 short readings which start on 1st December and lead up to Christmas day.

The idea is a simple.

  1. Every day find a quiet place and just be silent for around one minute.
  2. Read the passage for the day
  3. Talk to God about what you’ve read (even if it’s only to say you don’t understand it!)

There are paper copies in the church building and there are two versions to download here

Advent reflections 2016

Mobile friendly advent reflections 2016

Everyone’s a leader

// November 1st, 2016 // Comments Off // Ian's blogs, News, Sean's blogs

On Sunday we started our new series which is about the fact that everyone’s a leader! You might be wondering how I can justify a statement like that. It’s because I’m defining leadership as influence. If you influence someone you have lead them in some way. Your influence can be good or bad. We hear people use phrases like ‘being lead astray’, or ‘ falling in the wrong crowd’ so it’s obvious that a negative influence can lead us down the wrong path. However we all have the choice to be a positive influence. That means we all have the opportunity to be a leader.

So it might be time for you to have a change of thinking. You are a leader! Listen to the series podcasts for more information.