ABC Courses

Three short courses to help you understand what Hope is about. They are run at various points through the year so get in touch if you want to know when the next one is running.


Does God exist? What difference does it make to life? Is there really a person called Jesus?

Our access course introduces you to the basics of the Christian faith. It tells you what we believe, why we believe it and what difference it makes. It’s six thought provoking sessions over six weeks in a relaxed and friendly environment.


What kind of things might help you live life as a Christian? How can you talk to someone you can’t see? How do listen to someone you can’t hear? How do you get to grips with a book as big as the Bible?

These are the kind of questions we address in our beginnings course. Over six weekly sessions you will learn about timeless spiritual principles which make a difference to life.


What’s the point of my life? I don’t just want to be a taker, so how can I find practical ways to use my abilities to help others? If God’s got a plan for my life then how could I find out what it is?

Our first two courses help you connect with God. The third course is about how you connect with other people. We love it when people find their right place in life; when they’re no longer isolated and inward looking but finding fulfilment by receiving help and helping others. That’s what community is all about! Our connect course can’t tell you what you should be doing, but it can help you find your own answers.