Hope Vision

Hi. I’m Ian and this my understanding of how we ‘do’ church. In some ways this isn’t a vision yet, but it’s the starting point of a vision.

  1. We connect with God. We learn about Him, but more importantly we get in contact with Him. Learn how to sense His presence and actually know Him.
  2. Our lives are transformed. If you really meet God then it changes you. It doesn’t involve a lot of effort, it just kind of happens. If your understanding of God hasn’t caused any change in your life then I humbly suggest that maybe you haven’t really met God.
  3. We find our place in God’s plan. The way I see it is like this. I might have a dream for my life, but I’m not big and I’m not clever. God does have a plan for my life; a dream I was created for; a destiny carved out by the almighty. Now that’s a dream worth living for. If I follow God’s plan I can’t fail. If I don’t follow God’s plan it’s going to be hard to succeed. My key to life is simply to find out God’s dream for me, and then I cooperate with Him. If you want help finding out what God might be dreaming for your life then get in touch. Maybe I can help.
  4. Growth. If we do the first three then the result will be growth. Our own personal development, a greater depth to our spiritual side and more people finding fulfillment in coming to church.

So that’s my simple vision of what it means to do church. We’re on an exciting journey together to find out how this is going to look in practice. If that sounds interesting then come along to Hope and have a chat about it. Maybe you can be a part of shaping it.

Ian Brayshaw (senior minister)